Living Good Over Looking Good: Embracing Substance Over Superficiality for a Richer Life

Living Good Over Looking Good: Embracing Substance Over Superficiality for a Richer Life

In a world enamored by appearances, where the external often overshadows the internal, the essence of living a fulfilling life can sometimes get lost. “Living good over looking good” is a philosophy that propels us beyond the veneer of superficiality, urging us to value substance, authenticity, and genuine well-being over mere appearances. This approach not only fosters a richer, more meaningful existence but also acts as a balm, reducing the stress induced by the relentless pursuit of external validation.

The Superficiality Trap:

The pervasive emphasis on appearances, fueled by social media and societal expectations, often leads to a relentless pursuit of external validation, leaving little room for genuine self-expression and self-contentment. This external orientation can lead to stress, dissatisfaction, and a life lived on others’ terms.

Principles for Embracing Substance:

1. Cultivate Self-Awareness and Authenticity:

  • Purpose: Knowing and being true to oneself fosters a sense of integrity and reduces the stress of conforming to external expectations.
  • Practice: Regular reflection, honest self-assessment, and valuing one’s own opinions and feelings are crucial.

2. Develop Inner Worth:

  • Purpose: Valuing oneself based on internal qualities fosters self-esteem and reduces dependency on external validation.
  • Practice: Cultivate and value qualities like kindness, empathy, resilience, and integrity.

3. Pursue Meaningful Goals:

  • Purpose: Chasing goals that resonate with one’s values and passions leads to lasting fulfillment.
  • Practice: Identify and pursue goals that align with your true self and bring genuine satisfaction.

4. Foster Deep Connections:

  • Purpose: Meaningful relationships provide support, enrich our lives, and offer a deeper sense of belonging.
  • Practice: Invest time and energy in building and maintaining relationships based on mutual respect and shared values.

5. Embrace Simplicity and Mindfulness:

  • Purpose: Simplifying life and living in the moment reduce stress and enhance overall well-being.
  • Practice: De-clutter your life, prioritize, and cultivate a mindful approach to living.

The Impact of Choosing Substance Over Superficiality:

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Living authentically reduces the pressure to conform and the stress associated with maintaining appearances.
  • Enhanced Fulfillment and Happiness: Prioritizing internal values and meaningful pursuits leads to deeper satisfaction and joy.
  • Improved Relationships: Authentic and substantial living fosters richer, more genuine connections with others.
  • Heightened Self-Esteem: Valuing oneself based on internal worth fosters resilience and a strong sense of self.


The philosophy of “living good over looking good” is a beacon guiding us to a life of substance, a life where internal values and genuine well-being overshadow the allure of appearances and external validation. It’s about embracing our authentic selves, fostering meaningful connections, and pursuing true fulfillment.

Embarking on this journey is not about disregarding appearances but about redefining our values and priorities, ensuring that our external selves are reflections of our internal richness. It is about embracing a life of substance, paving the way for reduced stress, enhanced satisfaction, and a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. After all, a life lived with substance is a life lived fully.

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